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At CiiLOCK we believe good product design works much like a Michelin Star Restaurant. This may seem like a strange comparison, but no matter which way you slice it, a good restaurant is a one-stop-shop production facility. Everything from design, sourcing, manufacture, assembly, and distribution is handled under the same roof. And we’re sure that if you ask any head Chef (or their customers) they would not have it any other way.

So why is this important? The short answer: Quality.

Design for Manufacturing

When we say quality, we’re not just talking about accuracy, we are talking about quality features, quality design for manufacturing, and most importantly quality end-to-end handling of your project from ideation to production delivery.

We are as passionate about manufacturing as we are about design. Our workshop and design studio work as one at every step, ensuring coherent designs that can be manufactured with maximum precision and optimal finishing.

Our workshop dissects each product before it goes into production. It trials different manufacturing techniques, refines the recipe, selects, and tests iterations of material specs, to bring to you the very best version of what you and the design studio have envisioned.

Each ingredient in a product requires a different skillset to perfect, and we specialise in a broad range of skills, from injection moulding, sheet metal fabrication, tool making and machining, all the way through to quality assurance and warehousing. Our highly skilled Workshop staff of engineers and trades each contribute their part to the final product, and do not settle for anything less than perfection. Because what is the point in innovative design if it cannot be manufactured accurately, consistently and on time.

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